Autorenewing wildcard LetsEncrypt certificates on Namecheap using certbot + acme-dns

The "less" painful way

In early 2018, Let’s Encrypt began issuing wildcard HTTPS certificates (e.g. for *, which vastly simplified the process of securing multidomain personal websites for free. The main drawback is that LetsEncrypt requires users to renew their site certificates every three months, which can be a headache if users handle renewals... [Read More]

Mass deploying Jekyll using git hooks

As advertised, Jekyll is an excellent choice for building a simple (and secure!) personal or small business website. However, when compared to its better-known and bigger brethren, scaling the Jekyll workflow to manage multiple sites or subdomains is not readily apparent. In this post I will outline a git-based workflow... [Read More]
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Strategies for maximizing a low-end VPS

It can do it!

The rapidly deflating prices of cloud storage (and other low-end) VPS services makes it more economical than ever to roll your own off-site backup solution, free from the limitations of third-party backup providers that offer middling workflow integration, questionable security, and expensive bandwidth. As an added bonus, these cheap storage... [Read More]
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